Why choose us

At Workpower, we work with you to provide a personalised, responsive and flexible service.

Our career planning processes focus on your individual employment needs and aspirations.

You can trust the quality of our employment service. Workpower is qualified under the Disability Employment Services Quality Assurance (DESQA) standards certification.

Working with businesses for over 20 years providing high quality services, Workpower has worked hard to achieve and maintain a Quality System in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 as part of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with an International Standard in quality of product and service.

About Workpower

Workpower is one of the largest employers of people with disability in WA. We provide an extensive range of support services for people with disability, people with mental illness, and their families and carers. Workpower is focused on providing opportunities through employment in our own businesses and in the community, and through respite and community programs.

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